About us

What we do

We create designs for kind of everything you can print on and more. You can choose from our collection, which contains a lot of designs and lots of styles. We can also create tailor made designs and concepts for you.

We design for back-to-school, gift wrap, scrap booking papers, napkins, photo-albums, fun-products, stationery, cards, disposables, and more.
We also design for special themes like Xmas, Easter and 'Sinterklaas'

Products like bed linen, tea towels, wall paper, carpets, tiles, and outdoor (garden chairs), cushions, fabric, art prints, tableware, ceramics, glasses, shirts, bath robes, tins, etc.

Fresh fashionable designs, in photographic, layered, geometrical styles and more. For dresses, swimwear, scarves etc.

Our designs are being sold all over the world.

If you would like to see our collection, feel free to make an appointment, visit us on trade shows or ask for a login. You can also view some work on our portfolio.
For info or appointment please don't hesitate to call +31 (0)318 55 21 22 or send us an .