Shaking hands with the Mayor of Istanbul

photo by Celal Ergul

from left to right: president of the fair, Wilco van Kuik, the mayor of Istanbul, Iris van Kuik.

On the fair Evteks, Wilco and Iris met the turkish minister of transportation, the mayor of Istanbul, and the president of the fair. They were filmed, photographed and interviewed like vips :). So we had our own little trade delegation. It appears that the minister has lived for a while in Rotterdam. It's a small world after all.

Evteks was quite quiet on the designers side. Not much visitors. More quiet than Indigo. So they had loads of time to eat baklava and gossip with the other exhibitors. And found out that some are realllly funny. Iris it's wonder you didn't gain any kilo's with all the food people treated you to!