Surtex or Evteks... what to choose

A very difficult decision; what was it going to be: New York or Istanbul?
New York is great, Surtex finally not on our teenage-son's birthday. And Evteks, so close, and as I'm told a real 'homefashion' fair. Where I think Surtex is more for paper, cards and stationery. Also great, but what to choose? Maybe in about two years when the kids are a bit older, we'll it split up and exhibit at both fairs at the same time. But this year we decided to exhibit at Evteks.

Visitors who will be attending Surtex, don't have to miss out on our designs. Sandra Jacobs will take some of our designs with her to New York. And we will take some of her designs with us to Istanbul. So visit her booth, i'll let you know asap which one :)

More pictures on my blog.